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Our Vision:
A more just, creative, and healthy America.

Our Mission:
To pioneer cultural innovation in community health through arts and science.



Our health and happiness are connected.  Health surrounds us every day like a bubble. When we feel healthy we are hopeful and readily embrace everything important to us, like our family, friends, school and work, which all bring joy, support and meaning to guide us in living a fulfilling, purposeful life. 

It sounds so simple, right? In reality, being healthy is more than not being sick. And, it is much larger than we can do alone. The culture that surrounds us – friends and family, neighborhood, school, work–  influences every step of our path, drives what we believe, and defines how we see our future. 

Everyone should have the opportunity to make choices that allow them to live a long, healthy life. We are creating an approach to improving health that uses CULTURE to influence happier people, support healthier communities and build strong economies where everyone has the chance to thrive based on their abilities. 

Our community development approach centers around the arts – a signature driver of culture. Artists of all types - visual, music, theatre, poetry, dance, etc - work in our program and help to bring people together and share perspectives that are proven to drive change and improve health. Our model combines culture with science to make sure that we know what is working and why.

We are a network of artist-innovators who believe that health is foundational. In connecting culture to healthcare, we drive change that inspires a new perspective on how to be healthy in those places where we live, learn and work.